The IPEC Team

Meet the IPEC team, with a wealth of experience in partial discharge theory and practical applications for testing, diagnosis, investigation and support.



David North, Chairman




Dr Colin Smith, Managing Director

Carl Eastham, Business Development Director

Jake Ezair, Director


Andrew Clark, Senior Industrial Designer

皇冠足彩Dr Jing Zhao, Senior Electronics Engineer

皇冠足彩Dr Koen Tavernier, Senior Software Engineer


Tai Davids, Head of Contracts
Services & Support

皇冠足彩Enam Miah, Services Supervising Engineer

Reuben Sayers, Technical Compliance Coordinator


Davide Longo, Senior Software Engineer

Kristian Gunstone,  Software Engineer

Anju Rajan, Web Developer


Rory Donald, IT Engineer

Basil Wlaszyn, Manufacturing Manager 

皇冠足彩Joe Tate, Test Engineer


Farooq Riyasat, Electronics Technician

Jenny Saxon, Head of Finance & Business Support

皇冠足彩Keren Sayers, HR & International Trade Coordinator


Azania McFarlane, Administrator

Abdulla Abbas, Sales Engineer

Fandy Chang, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

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